Garden Ideas : 7 Beautiful Patio Garden Ideas for Inspiration

Garden Ideas : 7 Beautiful Patio Garden Ideas for Inspiration -- As is well known if the patio is a yard house that is in the back building and adjacent to the first floor. A patio will be very impressive if you design it using a variety of beautiful elements, especially plants or for plantation areas. Patio ideas can be seen in the review below:

Patio with fishpond


If you usually find patios at home there will only be ornamental plants, this time will build the entire area more lively. Other components such as fishponds will perfect the patio with beautiful design. Get a design like this to correct the entire patio in the house that needs the best and real accent.

Patio design with luxurious setting


With a luxurious and diverse setting, the patio of the house this time will give a beautiful dimension on each side. Timeless impressions are generated from paving floors and ceramics motifs that will dominate the area. This boxwood will enrich the patio element so that it becomes more exotic.

Garden patio with pergola


The limited land you have on the house does not make creativity less. With this pergola design, the patio at home will be more attractive. The arrangement of wood with a square, a shape provides a propagation place for the plant. Complete the lower area for a relaxing place with long benches.

Romantic light lanterns


The design of this patio will bring a romantic impression for the owner or friends who come. In this open area, you can perfect outdoor activities by carefully enjoying the fireplace warm light lanterns.

The decoration looks aesthetically pleasing with coral brick and grass that is present on several sides.

Stunning tropical touch


Another option to make your patio beautiful is not only from the completeness of the furniture. But from a number of tropical tresses that grow towering such as palms or Calathea and others. This will invite a more dominant tropical atmosphere and enter the corner of the house.

Patio with garden container

Covering the patio in any way can be easily applied. If you want to use the garden, this idea you can make an option. Garden container can fill the patio neatly that can be equipped with chairs and umbrellas for shade.

Patio with corner furniture


Another way that can repair the patio at home is to place furniture in the corner of the room. Timeless furniture from rattan, wood, other materials will perfect the patio of the house. Then there is no need to miss valuable things like the surrounding plants.

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