7 Beautiful Pergola Ideas with Plants

Homifine.com -- Having a pergola in the garden around the house will make your relaxing time comfortable. Having a pergola will be very beautiful if it is decorated with fresh green plants because it can be used to create a shady atmosphere around it. You can choose vines to follow the shape of your pergola. If you are interested in decorating a pergola using plants, consider the following review of 7 Beautiful Pergola Ideas with Plants.



Semi indoor pergola


This first pergola design has a fresh look with plants growing on the roof. Not only that, this pergola, is also equipped with wooden booths on the edges to give a more private impression in a relaxed area. To provide maximum lighting, this pergola, is also equipped with a chandelier that is displayed right above the table.

Comfortable sofa


This next pergola design has a comfortable feel, equipped with a sofa that has quite a lot of capacity. The application of plants to the pergola is also made on the roof by installing a grid frame that will make the vines more flexible.

Additional fireplace in the pergola area

outside modern

Besides being equipped with comfortable lounge chairs, this pergola, is also equipped with a fireplace that will make the relaxed atmosphere in winter feel warmer. For the roof, it is also equipped with plants that make the atmosphere more shady and fresh.


Choice of flowering plants


This next pergola design has an open model with the application of plants on the side. The selection of plants, is also chosen with the type of flowering, so that when it blooms, this plant will provide beauty and become its own satisfaction for the owner.



Cozy little pergola

ideal home

This pergola has a small size but looks comfortable with the addition of a bench covered with soft cushions. The choice of green color seems to symbolize natural freshness and blends with the surrounding plants. The best time to enjoy this area is in the morning or at dusk, when the sun is not too glaring.


Flower blooming in the roof of the pergola


Furthermore, this pergola looks beautiful with trees that are made to propagate to the pergola area so that it looks like it exudes maximum freshness. Moreover, if you use plants that can flower, your pergola will be much more varied and look beautiful.



Pergola with bright flowers


Different from the previous pergola which uses green plants more dominantly, in this pergola, choose plants with abundant flowers, so that only beauty can be seen from this one pergola. You can also use plants that have colorful flowers to make them look good.





That's 7 Beautiful Pergola Ideas with Plants. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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