7 Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Landscape Design Secrets

Homifine.com -- Enjoying the peaceful evening atmosphere with friends and family in the garden of the house will be a lot of fun, right? Not only the look of the garden is beautiful, but combining stunning lighting will make the atmosphere of the garden more lively.
In addition to the main lighting, you can add decorative lighting to create a romantic atmosphere. If you are interested, we have collected 7 best outdoor lighting ideas & landscape design secrets specifically for you!

1. Garden with string lamps


The beautiful garden landscape and lighting from string lamps are the perfect combination. Moreover, coupled with the standing lamp of the garden, that makes the look of the garden more beautiful.

2. Picnic in the backyard garden


The backyard is the best place to relax and gather with family. To create a romantic atmosphere, you can use a series of lights that hang beautifully of the garden sky. Adding a bean bag with bright colors will also make your day more colorful.


The design of the rooftop garden, designed so charmingly with beautiful lighting. Not only one lamp, you combine LED lights with warm white colors that will create a warmer garden atmosphere.

4. Use of task light


Another lighting commonly used for gardens is task light. The use of task aims to focus on one area. That way, the pool area will remain bright even in the day. Beautiful, isn't it?

5. Beautiful set of lights


Decorate the garden wall with a beautiful set of tumblr lights. Especially if you combine with vines that make the look cooler. Sprinkling coral rocks so that the garden looks fused with nature.

6. Amazing garden lights


The landscape of a small garden at night will look more beautiful when you combine it with garden lights. The design of the garden is not spacious, but its still beautiful with a neat and organized arrangement.


Feel the sensation of swimming with beautiful light. Nearby, you can serve dishes with aromatherapy candles that will make your dinner  atmosphere more romantic.

Those are the 7 best outdoor lighting ideas & landscape design secrets. I hope the information above is useful.

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