7 Colorful Plants that Will Thrive on Your Balcony

7 Colorful Plants that Will Thrive on Your Balcony

Homifine.com -- Balcony is the most perfect place to add decoration around the house easily because of the dominant semi-open concept. Before decorating the balcony, you should think again to add flower plants in the balcony area. Some villages make the balcony more lively and refreshing not only with furniture, for example ornamental flowers are also included in the most appropriate way. For details, you can listen to the ideas in the following review:


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The first flower you can place on the balcony of the house is the rose. This plant is easy to grow that expected. Mini varietal or shrubs can still be a choice for you to place on the balcony table. It is beast to provide lighting of at least 6 hours of sunlight for a perfect bloom.

Lily flowers 


Lilies are a popular ornamental plant and very interesting if it is a decorator of the balcony of the house. This plant has different colors, shades and shapes. Some types are tiger lily, Easter lily, stargazer lily and others.

Cosmos flower


Tropical flowers plants of this time are often a house divider, which is also an accent of the decoration of the yard. Cosmos flower has become a shrub plant that is easy to grow, even thought the seeds fall to the ground and will cluster. Many beautiful colors, you can make a fencer of the balcony area of the house like this.



Succulent is the best balcony plant that is easily resistant to dry. With easy maintenance, you can design the balcony well using this succulent. Any type you can stick around the balcony that can thrive under full sun.

Palm tree


Palm tree can also be one of the plants that will add color on the balcony of the house. This tree plant will bring the perfect tropical impression for a summer that things.



To give a cheerful color in the balcony area, you can use yard ornamental plants such as chrysanthemums that thrive. Flowers whose stature is easy and as an air purifier has a variety of colors, you can collect them with different varieties so that the balcony is more attractive.

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