Hanging Plant Ideas Make Your Home Look Amazing

Homifine.com -- In order to have fresh air, many people prefer plant decorations as an option. One of the things that are widely used to create plants as home decorations is to hang them. Hanging plants are also a popular trend, with the choice of plants that have dangling growth. For those of you who are interested in having hanging plants at home, consider the following reviews about Hanging Plants Make Your Home Look Amazing.

Pothos plant


The first hanging plant idea you can have is a pothos plant. It feels incomplete if you don't recommend this one plant as a hanging plant because of its popularity. Not only that, this pothos plant, is also known as a good air purifier, so it will be very appropriate to be placed in your home. 



The next hanging plant idea is fuchsia. This plant will be very suitable as a houseplant because it does not like dry and hot air, so placing it in the house will get moisture. Not only that, this plant is increasingly attracting attention because of its beautiful, colorful flowers.

Burros tail


Has a uniqueness because it has flashy leave, this plant, is classified as a succulent type, so it will be very appropriate for you to have at home because it is easier to care for. You can also hang it near the window so that it has enough light intake. You also don't need to over-water it because it will rot easily.

Dischidia Watermelon


@_plant.vibes melon

One reason to make Dischidia Watermelon as a hanging plant is, it is toxic to your pet, so placing it hanging will make your pet safer. For treatment, this Dichidia Watermelon likes indirect sunlight with watering that you can spray from the tips of the leaves to the ground. Water when the soil starts to dry out, so it doesn't get dehydrated.

Boston Fern


You can have this last hanging plant idea because it is a good purifying air. To plant it, you must ensure the soil moisture to keep it fresh and green. As for the sun's intake, this plant prefers indirect sunlight.



That's Hanging Plant Ideas Make Your Home Look Amazing. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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