7 Interesting Ideas for Your Indoor Garden


Homifine.com -- Presenting a garden in the house is proven to beautify the appearance of the interior and make the house healthier. How many types of plants can absorb toxins in the room, that the house feels fresher.

Actually designing a garden at home, does not have to be with a spacious outdoor. You can use unused space to create a garden. If you are interested? We've compiled 7 interesting ideas for your indoor garden below! Let's keep reading until the end!

1. Relax in a nice garden


An indoor garden is the best place to relax or even gather friends and family A beautiful garden design will make the activity more fun. The indoor garden uniquely made with a walkway landscape. Moreover, the wooden deck on the edge also makes the garden more elegant.

2. Indoor garden with vines


Want a different garden design? You can try using vines  to decorate the room. Vines made beautifully covering the glass roof. That way, the room below will feel cooler. Also present a chandelier decoration to beautify the look.

3. Simple indoor garden


In accordance with the minimalist home design, the indoor garden designed simply and there is not much decoration. The dominance of white color seen to blend with the green grass that brings the house to life. You  can put down a chair for a peaceful relaxing.

4. Garden near the dining room


Enjoying a meal with a refreshing garden view sounds fun? You can make it happen by designing a garden near the dining room. If the garden located the side of the house, you can position tables and dining chairs in the corner of the room to avoid a full impression of the room.

5. Minimalist garden near the kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of a house. Designing a kitchen with a beautiful look will increase the passion for cooking. Making a kitchen near the garden is a smart idea that you can try. Not much decoration, you just need to add a variety of your plant collection to beautify the indoor garden.

6. Indoor garden by the window


The best position to grow plants indoors is near the window. Putting plants on the windowsill allows them to get maximum natural lighting. That way they will grow well. You can use the help of cabinets to lay various plants.

7. Indoor garden under stairs


Who would have thought that in the basement of the stairs that are usually often left empty, you can magic into a beautiful garden. Especially if you combine it with the gurgling sound of water from fishpond. It is certain that the lower room of the stairs will be the best room to calm the mind.

That's the review of 7 interesting ideas for your indoor garden. I hope the information above is useful to you.

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