7 Small Landscapes to Maximize Your Space

Homifine.com -- Having an abandoned area around the house will of course interfere with the view and can affect the appearance of the house. One of the things you can do to improve it is to turn it into a fresh landscape and have a beautiful and fresh look. No matter the size of the space you have, you can also design it beautifully even in a small space. For those of you who are interested in the idea, see the following review of 7 Small Landscapes to Maximize Your Space.

Relaxing spot beside the house


This beautiful landscape view seems to dominate the side area of the house it owns. The neat arrangement makes it a view that can give a relaxed and calming impression. Not only as a refreshing garden, this area, is also equipped with a walkway as side access to the house that seems hidden. This area, is also equipped with a gazebo that can be used as a spot to enjoy the surrounding scenery.



Additional path for access to watering plantas


If you have yard left, this one landscape design can be an interesting idea to implement. With the dominance of green grass and several plants, this garden, is also equipped with a white rock arrangement made with a beautiful pattern that seems to provide an area that is focused on plants. Additional paths were chosen to water the plants to be safer without stepping on this fresh grass.




Various components


This garden looks beautiful with a fairly perfect arrangement. Not only with the right selection, this garden, is also equipped with various other components such as gravel, rocks with various color choices. The plants he chooses also exude beauty with various types, sizes, shapes, and colors. You can try it in even a small space to radiate beauty that is still perfect.


Dry garden in the house


You can not only present a beautiful and fresh landscape outside the house, you can also take advantage of the little space you have inside the house. With a dry garden concept, this design combines gravel, several plants placed in pots, and don't forget there is a path for access to the surrounding room.



One type of neat plant


Of course, it would be very nice to relax with a fresh green view. You can create this by using the little space you have. In this design, utilizing the existing area, the garden looks beautiful with maximum freshness due to the selection of one type of plant at one point in the area which seems to simultaneously radiate freshness to the surrounding area.



Small space in front of the house


Doesn't it still look beautiful even with the small size of this house? You can also imitate it by combining several components in it, which can then create the perfect landscape. Although small, this park looks complete with a blend of grass, gravel, various types of plants, and also don't forget there is a banyan tree with a size that is not too big.

Complete components on small space


This last landscape seems to provide beauty in a small space in front of the house. Although small, the appearance seems to represent the natural freshness that nature has. In addition to the pattern of pebbles with various colors, this garden, is also equipped with plants separated by a fence, don't forget the existence of a small pond that makes a fresh feel like a river with flowing water.




That's 7 Small Landscapes to Maximize Your Space. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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