How to Grow Coleus As A Tree

How to Grow Coleus As A Tree -- How to grow coleus is classified as having an easy classify. But did you know if this plant can grow as a big  tree like other trees. This plant is believed to provide beautiful details to the room because of the color of red leaves that are very stunning. The easiest plant you can make a tree plant in the room. You can see tips in the review below.

Choosing the right coleus


Before you decide to make coleus a big tree, you must remember that not all types can grow tall. Because of this plant, almost no one penetrates as high as 3 feet. However, plants with varieties Mariposa, Candy Store, Vulcan and Orange king are the best to grow as trees.

The first step is to choose the right container size

Although coleus plants work well in pots sizes of 6 - 8 inches, this is not the time to choose this pot if you want to plant it as a coleus tree. Use a container size of 12 -14 inches that will make the look bigger and increase the load of coleus.


The second way is to make coleus more daring to grow upwards. Annualized this plant with proper support using bamboo poles and at least on foot taller than the plant. Add heavier pegs each time you move to a large container.


Prune the leaves if you want to turn them into a big and tall tree. It is not difficult to do. You make sure that the stems of this plant remain straight when growing, then the pole will be its main helper.


After the plant reaches a fairly satisfactory height, you can prune the leaves periodically. Prune side shoots and branches that grows down to clean the main stem. This method will make the coleus becomes denser and larger.

Tips for maintaining coleus plant as tress


- Make sure to provide bright and indirect light to ensure long and larger growth

- Use search fertilizers that have been diluted with a customized mixture


- Protect the plant from the strong wind so that fragile stems do not break easily

- Regular watering will make the plant really grow large periodically

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