7 Beautiful Concrete Pathway Ideas for Your Backyard

Homifine.com -- Want to have a stunning backyard or beautiful garden at home? You can design a path in the garden with the best details and arrangements according to the desired concept. Placing a path can make a garden more dynamic for a beautiful landscape. Take a look at these 7 Beautiful Concrete Pathway Ideas for Your Backyard.

Beautiful concrete pathway

Feature-IN Spaces

The pathway will lead you from backyard to secret area. Make it as neat as possible by using concrete pathway. You can design a path in the garden with a variety of ground covers, such as gravel or plant. Make the sides of the path more beautiful with blooming flower plants. 


Creative ways with broken concrete


Broken concrete that called as urbanite give a unique and natural stone looked-like, when using as pathway. Pathway like this give a more natural feel to your best garden. Broken concrete is also the best and economical alternative.

Cost low concrete pathway


Beautiful concrete pathways can be made at low costs. You can make it minimalist to connect several spots in the backyard. Make it easy to maintain by covering the floor with green carpet or artificial grass for a fresh and fun look. 

L-shaped concrete pathway


Create a pathway that can connect the places you want. There is no problem making a concrete pathway in the L-shaped. Pathway will make the backyard garden more dynamic. 

Concrete pathway with tropical plants


Make your backyard garden have a holiday vibe. The trick is as simple as designing a concrete pathway. Each steeping stone is well-arranged and overgrown with low vines. Make it more tropical by planting a variety of tropical plants on the side of the path. 

Cool concrete pathway


Concrete is indeed very suitable for pathway material. Concrete tends to be durable and strong against extreme weather changes outside the home. You can make a concrete pathway with a surface in a natural mottled pattern. This concrete pathway can also add coolness with its natural gray color. 

Simple walkways with concrete


You won't be confused anymore walking between the nice background with the sculptures along the walkway and the seating deck area. A simple concrete pathway will really help. Concrete made for straight steps o which gravel is laid. The overlaid gravels add visual texture and feel to your backyard garden. 

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