Best & Beautiful Caladium Varieties for Your Container Garden

Best & Beautiful Caladium Varieties for Your Container Garden -- Ornamental plants that are often used as a complement to the garden or room at home is caladium. It is known for its large leaves, heart shape and appears with beautiful colors such as red, white, pink, green, up to two combinations. Tropical plants can thrive in all weathers and humid areas, With the beautiful color of the leaves, you can see some list in the following review

Caladium Bicolor


Caladium bicolor has a heart-shaped leaf that is tilted with several philodendron plants. With the characteristics of white spots with red leaves easily on the surface, maybe some people consider this plant sick.

Caladium Thai Beauty


Plants from Brazil that fall into the category of poisonous plants if consumed can be used as ornamental plants because they are beautiful with liver-shaped leaves. The slippery surface of the leaves has a waxy coating, a slight green to pink color on the edges of the leaves.

Caladium White Christmas

Next is the caladium white Christmas plant, known as prima donna or beautiful angel wings. This white leaf that looks like a sneeze has a leaf stem connected directly to the tuber in the soil. This plant can reach a height of up to 22 inches and the same width.

Caladium Strawberry Star


This beautiful leaf with red spots has a green leaf background and random splashes. The Plant has very pronounced leaf veins in a dark green color with a successful contra to the stems. This plant is easy to care for and suitable for partial shade.

Caladium Red Elephant Ear


This plant, dubbed the angel's wings, has a stunning color and leaf shape. Grows to a height of 60 - 90 cm, which is relatively wide in its leaves. With a combination of red, green and white, this plant is decorated with green leaf edges.

Caladium White Queen


Lastly is the caladium white queen with green edged and prominent red veins. This plant will flower white green flower spathes in east spring.

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