7 Beautiful Vertical Plant Garden Ideas


7 Beautiful Vertical Plant Garden Ideas 

Homifine.com -- Vertical garden concept is suitable for those of you who lack space to create landscape design or home garden around the house. Utilizing the indoor are becomes one of the interesting ideas to create vertical garden accents at home regularly. Some ideas you can see and apply at home as well as the following reviews:

Vertical garden plot twist


Remember, the bottom designing of the interior of a room with a vertical garden plant does not have to be with complicated arrangements. The space sided you can fill with the placement of plants on the side of the wall until the accent hangs in the middle of the space. And ensure the safety of the plant so as not to fall easily and hit family members.

Self-planting on the fence of the house


Combining limited space and a fairly wide area, a vertical garden you can move on the side of the gate or fence of the house. Use outboard pots for diverse and suitable whole plants in open areas.

Standing pot


With one type of hanging or vine, you can design plants neatly and beautifully using standing pots. As well as plants that are rationed on the walls around the house. This is quite simple for you to do it regularly and easily.

Planters mounted on the wall


The latest trend to make this more fantastic home garden is building walls with practical planting for ornamental plant holders. Frame the walls of the room with the ideas of vertical garden that adds color to the room, is increasingly lively and anti-boring.

Vertical garden DIY


Landscape models with diagonal pot mixes can be a beautiful place with a beautiful, simple design. Vertical garden planting on this wall, you can decorate with several gold accents that use one type of plant.

DIY succulent


The mixture of perennial cacti that decorates the wall structure of this room like a table full of  dishes. These beautiful succulent colors make a room with a vertical concept more charming and colorful in the room. 

Simple vertical wall 


The last idea is the best way for you to try at home with a simple anti-boring look. Empty walls do not have to be filled with something complicated, you can add some accents of ornamental plants as well ass active mural wall paint.

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