7 Ideas On How To Turn the Garden Into a Fairy Tale without Investing a Lot Of Money

Homifine.com -- Presenting a fairy garden is one of the magical things at home. Fairy garden is one of the most popular designs. Because, it does have a beautiful and varied design.
Designing a fairy garden does not have to be with expensive decorations, you can even use a simple and inexpensive design.
If you are interested. We've compiled 7 ideas on how to turn the garden into a fairy tale without investing a lot of money that you can use as a reference.

1. Beautiful fairy garden and lighting


The fairy garden with flower decoration looks so charming. Around the wicker basket, equipped with a series of lights that stand out. The design of the fairy garden designed simple but still alluring. That way, you can replicate it easily.

2. Fairy garden in  a teapot


Actually, designing a fairy garden is not as difficult as you might think. You can even use a glass teapot as a fairy garden container. The transparent glass display allows the plant to look so beautiful. Combine with elegant coral rock decoration.

3. Fairy garden in the box


Other garden fairy ideas that you can example have a beautiful look. The fairy garden with a box container looks elegant, decorating the terrace of the house. Especially if you combine it with a charming tree-shaped wooden decoration.

4. Simple fairy garden on a basin


Do you have a used basin? Instead of being thrown away, you can use the basin into a beautiful garden. Garden decoration with a yellow nuanced theme brings a cheerful atmosphere in your home.

5. Fairy garden with succulents


Succulent is one of the popular plants. Especially if you combine it with a beautiful fairy garden. Different types of succulent with shades of pink look adorable. You can use the pot as a container.

6. Broken pot fairy garden


Often the broken pot will be thrown away. Who would have thought. that you could reuse it into a beautiful fairy garden. The fairy garden above used a multilevel broken pot. Continue, by growing different types of eye catching succulents.

7. Beautiful fairy garden


Create a more colorful terrace design by presenting a fairy garden. Not only one type of fairy garden, you can even make three at once to beautify the look. You can sue as standing pot for a neater and organized look.

That's 7 ideas on how to turn the garden into a fairy tale without investing a lot of money. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

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