7 Best Planter Stands for Indoors and Outdoors

Homifine.com -- Create a different garden look by using a unique planter stand. Using a planter stands not only beautifies the look, but also helps you save. We recommend for those of you who live in a small house or apartment to use stands planter to design a home garden.
Stand planters are available in many models that you can choose according to your needs. We've rounded up the 7 best planter stands for indoors and outdoors below just for you!

1. Cane planter stands


Cane planter stand featuring home decors looks more attractive and stylish. Moreover, cane planters use environmentally friendly materials, thus creating a more homey space atmosphere. The cane planter stand model, designed with a single model for one plant. Suitable for placing in the corner of the room.

2. Wood planter stands


There are many models and planter stand materials that you can use. Present a home look that is more integrated with nature by using a wooden planter stand. Wood planter stands are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

3. DIY planter stands from ironing board


Do you have an ironing board that is not used? Instead of being left wasted, you can use it as a planter stand. The trick is easy, use hanging plants and other plants are on the board. It looks interesting and unique, different from others.

4. Planter stands metal


Metal materials are easier to create for various models. The design of planter stands looks attractive with a unique shape. Planter stands design you can use for indoors and indoors. Planter stands are also easy to move as needed.

5. Box planter stands


The next planter stand design is rectangular, square. Larger enough to lay different types of plants. Moreover, box planter stands look elegant with dark black shades. Suitable for minimalist home decors.

6. Planter stand with lights


The following planter stand design looks modern with an elegant combination of lights. The lamp located at the top of the planter stands, that the plant looks brighter and stunning. This planter stand can be used indoors.

7. Unique wood stand planter


The last stand planter, uses environmentally friendly wood materials. There are three different models that you can choose according to your needs. You can use a slimmer model for narrow land. While a larger model for a wider space.

That's 7 best planter stands for indoors and outdoors. Hopefully, the information above can be useful for you.

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