7 Best Types of Croton Plants to Grow at Home

Homifine.com -- Croton is a popular ornamental plant with a unique form of leaves that have varied patterns ranging from yellow, green, orange, red, and many others. Besides being placed in the garden, you can also place it in the house as an ornamental plant and decoration. This plant also has many types, for some types that you should know, see the following review of the 7 Best Types of Croton Plants to Grow at Home.


 Superstar Croton


The first type of croton is quite popular in various circles because it has an elegant appearance. This superstar croton has dark green leaves with bright yellow spots that give it its own charm. This type is one that has easy maintenance with the right supply of sunlight.



Red Iceton


This type of croton is a popular one with a variety of color patterns on its leaves. When young, the leaves usually have a yellow croton and begin to turn red when they are mature. Although it is usually planted outdoors, you can make it an indoor plant with good pot drainage.



Andrew Croton


This type of Andrew Croton has a softer color with a blend of green and white that looks fresh. This plant will really like indirect light because it will keep the leaves beautiful.


Graptophyllum pictum


This type is one of the unique and looks different. On the edges it has green leaves that make it look fresh, and it has a creamy center that makes it look varied. This plant likes regular watering, so don't let the soil dry out so as not to cause problems.



Mammy Croton


Mammy croton has leaves that are wider and thicker than the other types described. This plant has a more subtle hue and is one of the best types to grow. Mammy crotons love moderate to full light, so in winter you can treat them indoors.



Mother and Daughter Croton


This croton mother and daughter plant has a name that seems to represent its appearance. At the base, this plant has normal leaves so that in the middle it appears to have no leaves and only displays a single vein which then connects it to the tip of the leaf. This plant has firm veins with varying shades of color.




Zanzibar Croton


This last type of croton has a beautiful and slender leaf shape. Having the same pattern as the superstar type, this croton has a different leaf shape that you will really like as an ornamental plant in the house. Apart from its beauty, you need to have it as an indoor plant because this type of croton doesn't like direct sun that is too hot.






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