7 Ideas for Having A Dry Garden Anywhere

Homifine.com -- Dry gardens are often presented because they give a cleaner impression and can be placed anywhere, both outside and inside the house. Dry gardens are usually more identical with small rocks that dominate with the placement of plants that are usually in pots for easier arrangement and maintenance. For some ideas that you can emulate, see the following review of 7 Ideas for Having a Dry Garden Anywhere.



Garden in front of the house


This first dry garden idea has a placement in front of the house, like a garden in general. The design is made by utilizing the existing vacant land. In addition to the small rocks made as part of the base of the garden, there are plant pillars which are overall placed in pots that are neatly arranged around them.



Small garden in the house


If you have empty space in the house, you can use it as a dry garden like this one idea. The small area, is maximized by the presence of plants that are neatly lined up and also equipped with a skylight roof that keeps the plants from getting maximum light intake, and helps lighting the surrounding room.



Green rooftop garden


If you have a large rooftop, you can use it as a dry garden, which of course will keep the area clean and make it easier to maintain. In this dry garden idea, we use the concept of a fresh garden that looks green by utilizing synthetic grass. For plants, the selection of cacti is the perfect type for open areas.

Zen garden on the rooftop


Different from the previous rooftop garden, in this garden, it uses the dry zen garden concept and has a landscaping that looks charming. The use of small stones feels more varied, with the addition of wooden floors made with certain patterns. As for the plants, they are placed in several spot areas to make them look neat.


Small garden on the terrace


This simple-looking garden can be an attractive option for those of you who like a minimalist lifestyle. The use of this terrace area does not take up much space so that it keeps the area functioning properly other than as a garden and relaxing area. In this small garden, the selection of snake plants is a focal point that looks clean and tidy.


Additional chairs and table


Apart from being a dry garden that looks clean inside the house, this area is also well utilized as a comfortable relaxing spot to spend free time at home. Additional chairs and tables will be a complement in this green dry garden. In addition to the shelves, the placement of plants on the walls, also helps save area to make it look wider.



Beautiful dry garden


This last dry garden design has the perfect area for the house. The selection of each material seems to play an important role in each to create a beautiful garden appearance. Apart from being a garden, it is also used as a relaxing area by adding a sofa around it.









That's 7 Ideas for Having Dry Garden Anywhere. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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