7 Great Landscaping Designs For Space Beside Of Your House

Homifine.com -- Are you looking for a beautiful garden landscape idea? The increasingly limited size of land becomes a barrier. Therefore, a beautiful garden you can present in any part of the house. One of them is the side of the house.
Presenting a refreshing garden next to the house, you can use as a favorite to heal and relax. We've collected 7 great landscaping designs for space beside your house specifically for you!

1. Small garden landscape


No matter how much land you have, you can design a beautiful garden. Plain side land looks lively with a refreshing garden landscape. You can grow some greenery on the edge, of the fence to beautify the look. Present coral stone material for a garden look that blends more with nature.

2. The swimming pool next to the house


The side yard of the house is the perfect place to relax. Especially if you present a refreshing swimming pool. The presence of water elements in the house is proven to create a cooler and calmer atmosphere of space.

3. Landscape of garden paths beside the house


Designing the landscape with garden paths will make the look more stunning. Moreover, the path comes with wood material that looks integrated with nature. While in every corner of the yard there is a beautiful garden for a cooler residential look.

4. Side garden with beautiful lighting


The narrow and dark hallway will look beautiful with a charming arrangement and design. The hallway beside the house made with a landscape of garden paths with elegant coral rock material. Moreover, the owner adds garden lights that will make the look more romantic at night.

5. Mini gold next to the house


Do you have unused land next to the house? You can use it as a mini golf. Use synthetic grass to cover the ground surface. Refreshing green grass will make the eye view becomes fresher.

6. Relaxing in the side garden


The existence of a garden at home, you can use as a cozy plane to relax. Enjoying the refreshing view of the garden will make this area a favorite space for a healing. Are you interested in applying it?

7. Simple side garden 


 The design of the last side garden, designed simply. The garden looks beautiful with a stunning predominance of ornamental plant. Presenting plant decoration is  simple way to design a home garden. Besides being beautiful, the whole house feels cooler.

That's the review of 7 great landscaping designs for space beside of your house. Hopefully, the information above can be useful.

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