7 Plants in Terrariums You'll Love

7 Plants in Terrariums You'll Love

Homifine.com -- Growing plants by choosing terrarium as a container is quite difficult because there are many good and well-develop options in it. Terrarium plants that are on this list be easy for you to make an option for beginners in order to be successful. Some plants that grow in terrarium are as follows:



Plants that are beautifully leafy and have beautiful flowers are very popular, so ornamental plants that grow in pots. For new innovations, you can grow this plant in a terrarium that will be beautiful with a transparent glass beam.

Nail plant


Nail plant or ferns can be grown in terrarium easily, even if in the room dampen the light. You can create an ecosystem like the original environment with the elements of rocks, moss to the ground as a place of roof blockage.

Air plant


The amazing appearance of this air plant is very interesting to be placed inside the terrarium. In addition to just hanging on the edge of the wall, the water plant can look beautiful in a terrarium that will be maintained in moisture. So it is suitable for those of you who are busy to water the plants regularly.

Jade plant


Another type of succulent that can grow well within terrarium is the jade plant. The shape of this high-size geometric terrarium is very good choice with a beautiful jade plant tree. In addition to the jade plant alone, you can create a new environment such as polka dot plants or other beautiful plant.



Orchid flowers plants will be very beautiful to grow in terrarium with dark glass and a moisture-preserved environment. If it usually grows with coconut fiber media, this time you can water it with time spaced because it is filled with soil and moss that makes it look attractive.



Succulents are the most appropriate plants to put in terrarium. With the moisture maintained, this plant will last a long time and create a dry environment in it. Use a soil mixture to name succulent in a terrarium, as well as ideal humidity levels.

Polka dot plant


Polka dot plants have great taste and beautiful visuals. Will brighten the atmosphere in the room with shades of red easily, silver with easy care even if placed in terrarium. You can provide direct light or not with regular water arrangements and according to the conditions.

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