7 Indoor Plants You'll Love to Live in the Bathroom

Homifine.com -- The bathroom is the main room in a house whose function is to complement the facilities in the house. The bathroom, is also often used as the right room for relaxation while taking a bath and refreshing yourself from a series of activities that have been carried out during the day. Creating freshness in the bathroom, one of which can be done by adding plants as decorations to create more positive vibes and make the bathroom look more attractive. For some plants that you can add to your bathroom, see the following review of 7 Indoor Plants You'll Love to Live in the Bathroom.

Boston Fern


 It has become a popular thing for this Boston fern to be one type that is very suitable in the bathroom because it will like humid temperatures. Water splashes from activities in the bathroom will make the leaves look fresher. This plant is one of the most favorite as bathroom plants.




Devils Ivy


Has a protruding plant, it will be very suitable if you hang this plant in the bathroom. The green leaves seem to give freshness to the whole room. This plant really likes indirect light, and one of these things can be obtained when in a bathroom that has faint light from the ventilation or window.



Another type of plant that you can use as a bathroom plant is Dracaena. This plant likes medium to low light, so placing it in the bathroom will of course like it. For watering, you can do it 2 times a week, so it doesn't rot easily.



Peace Lily


Peace lily is also one of the plant ideas that is widely placed in the bathroom because it likes humid temperatures. This plant is also an air freshener in the room so that it can make the bathroom have a more comfortable air.



Snake Plant


The reason why you choose the snake plant as a bathroom plant is its ability to easily adapt to various conditions, including bathroom temperature. You can place it near a window to provide the right amount of light and make it much healthier.



Zz Plant


If you want a plant that has thick leaves, you can choose this Zz plant in your bathroom. This plant is even able to survive in almost zero light. For watering, you don't need to water it often, and a splash of water in the bathroom will be enough to make it look fresh.



Who would have thought that this plant that has beautiful flowers can not only be used as a beautiful table decoration but can also be used as a bathroom plant. Why is that? Because orchids come from tropical rainforests, which of course will love the humid temperature of the bathroom.




That's 7 Indoor Plants You'll Love to Live in Bathroom. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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