7 Small Garden Ideas Wherever You Want!

7 Small Garden Ideas Wherever You Want!

Homifine.com -- To make the ideas of a friendly home garden, do not always rely on the front or back area of the house. You can arrange the arrangement in such a way, even if the location must be on the rooftop or balcony of the house. It's good when making a small garden at home, you can maximize all areas in the house neatly and do not seem wasted. You can see the idea below.

 Small Open yard


The first idea is perfect for those of you who live in urban areas. Open concept near the kitchen of this house you can maximize well to make a home garden, easy work you can arrange the land with a rock cover and ornamental grass around it.

Cement garden bed


By raising the elevation, you can use a garden bed that is neatly lined with various ornamental plants in the pot. Prepare shade to dampen the heat coming in and make all the plants in your garden so burned.

Small garden balcony of the house


Next is a small balcony garden of the house with a neat arrangement using plant shelves. The area that is open and fully irradiated by the sun directly, you can choose the type of plant that is strong and resistant outdoors.

Mini garden in front of the house


Combined with various models of gardens and fishponds, this home garden feels a natural complex. The nuances of natural rocks become an important point for the area in the house, let alone located in front.

Mini garden with hanging plants


You can perfect the front area neatly using various types of plants to any style garden concept. This simple garden relies on the type of hanging plants to give a sweet effect on the yard.

Corner garden with tropical forest concept


In a unique design using natural rock elements that are neat lotus on the wall. The concept of tropical forest seems to be just lacking dense, lush plants such as Monstera as a complement.

Garden with spilled pots


The last idea  to create a small garden at home, you can enter this list. With a simple design, natural rock elements are made as land cover until their area spilled pots that can be filled with garden plants such as daisy.

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