7 ZZ Plant Problems (And How to Fix Them)

Homifine.com -- ZZ plant is one of the beautiful houseplants and has easy care. Even some people call it one of the plants that are difficult to die. Its thick leaves make it a great houseplant as it will fall less often and make the room look clean. However, you still have to take good care of it in order to avoid problems. For some of the problems that you will get and how to solve them, see the following review of 7 ZZ Plant Problems (And How to Fix Them).

The leaves turn yellow


The problem that usually comes from this one plant is the yellowing of the leaves. This can be caused by excessive watering, excessive lighting, or it can be caused by pests. To overcome this, you can adjust the treatment according to the problems that arise. If it's too overwatered, you can give it a break, so the soil is a little drier.

Curly leaves


If you see curled leaves on the zz plant, this is a sign that your plant is short of water. Another thing that can happen is when your plant has too much light, so the leaves are uncomfortable and curl up. You must first check for problems that arise and be able to adjust the treatment according to the standard.


New leaves aren't grow


Another problem that arises with not growing new shoots is that it can be caused by excess fertilizer or lighting. Basically, this plant likes indirect light so that new shoots will grow well. Likewise, when fertilizing too much, you will damage the roots and prevent new shoots from growing to the surface. You can adjust the lighting and fertilizer levels to keep them growing well.



Rotting roots

Rotting roots can be a common problem when caring for a zz plant. Of course this is caused by over watering and causes the roots and even the stems to rot. The thing you have to do is to place it in a pot that has good water absorption and does not make water stagnate in the pot. You can also water it when the soil surface is dry, and don't water it too often if you don't want to lose this one plant.
Brown tips

In general, zz plant leaves have a perfect green color. If you have brown leaf tips, it can be caused by over watering or under watering. So, the best way to deal with it is to pay attention to the planting medium. Water when the surface is dry, so that the inside is kept moist.


Stalks falling


The next problem that usually comes from the zz plant is the falling stem. This can be caused by over watering and causing the stems to rot and droop. Lack of lighting can also make your plant less vigorous and make it easier to fall. To overcome this, you can pay attention to the placement of plants so that they have a comprehensive light intake, and of course don't water them too often.

Wrinkled stems


Watering is an important thing to pay attention to because when over watering it will cause the stems to rot, and when lack of water it will make the stems wrinkle. If this has happened, you can check the soil and immediately water when it is dry. You can also move it in humid temperatures with indirect lighting.





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