How to Make ZZ Plant Grow Faster

How to Make ZZ Plant Grow Faster -- Ornamental plants that are easy to grow and often overlooked are ZZ plants. This lush growing tropical plant can adapt to less watering and is tolerant to all light conditions. This plant has green leaves with a wax coating to make it look shiny. Although this plant is easy to care for, its growth also needs help to grow faster than usual. Check out how to grow it quickly in the following reviews:



The growth of ZZ plant also needs time to thrive and as per will. This plant takes years to show a plant that is large and looks fertile. Lighting plays a major role for the growth of plants that thrive. But not with constant light that can make the plant so dry and burned.

The need for soil nutrition

When it has entered old age and adulthood, plants need to be given proper soil nutrients  to make proper growth. Give the appropriate dose using diluted fertilizer once or twice a year when planting.



A common problem that causes the ZZ plant not to thrive and is appropriate in times is the state of excessive watering. Overwatering can cause a plant to grow slowly, and it can take years to make it recover and grow for real.



Be aware of pests on ZZ plant, you can also prepare before attacking the whole. Use disinfectant liquid to make plants diseases and pests that can cause plants to grow slowly. 



The right temperature state can also have a big influence on the ZZ plant. An ideal temperature of about 65 -75 degrees Fahrenheit will provide precise plant growth resistance. Protect from the cold and place it on the temperature ideal.

Increase humidity in winter


ZZ plants love a humid climate in winter. You can increase the humidity to help rapid growth. Use a humidifier to increase humidity, spray on the leaves or store plants in the bathroom.

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