How to Propagate Oxalis Triangularis/Butterfly Plant Easily

How to Propagate Oxalis Triangularis/Butterfly Plant Easily -- This purple leafy plant with the name Oxalis Triangularis has become very popular among lovers of ornamental planting. Leaves of this quality in some parts of the world are considered weeds. This plant has easy care, so quite a lot grow it at all cost. Here you can listen to the guide to multiplying this plant easily.

Choose an adult plant


You can multiply this plant from seeds or by dividing mature plants from rhizomes. Choose size of 6 to 8 inches or large to grow the plant firmly in the spring.

Share plants


To propagate this plant, you can put the tip of the shovel from the ground with within 4 inches stem to root. The family one by one and lift the oxalis grass from the ground. Then you can separate the rhizomes and make some parts.

Division transplant


Dig a pothole that has filled the ground as deep as the same root length. Transplant into this pot, so you can fill it with several plants. You can use a nursery pot that has as sinkhole at the bottom to channel water so that it is not inundated.

Sowing oxalis seeds


If the previous way is by transplanting oxalis division, this time you can grow this plant easily using seeds. Firs, of course, you can sow seeds that have been prepared on the ground during the spring armpit warm soil.

When it has been sowed oxalis seeds, you should gently close the top to trigger the growth of sprouts. Keep it moist, with regular watering so that green shoots that inch from the ground grow.

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