Native House Design Ideas with Interior on Budget -- Home designs with traditional styles do have an impression that sticks in the memory and usually has a calm atmosphere. However, having a house with a traditional style is considered outdated and makes many people turn to modern-style housing. However, if you like traditional designs, you can combine them with a modern feel. For inspiration, see the following review of Native House Design Ideas with Interior on Budget.


House facade view

From the outside, the exterior of this house uses woven bamboo, which gives it a simple yet beautiful traditional impression. This house, is also designed with a stilt house model that is earthquake-resistant and anti-flood. To provide perfect security, additional fences are made around the terrace.


Living room design

Entering the interior of the house, there is a living room made with white walls that still gives a traditional touch in the form of woven bamboo on several wall and ceiling spots. This room looks comfortable with a modern sofa and a natural rattan table. The window design in this room makes the room look wider and brighter.


Dining room and kitchen

Turning to the back, there is a dining room made with an open plan concept. This can be seen from the existence of a kitchen that does not use a partition with the dining room. In addition to having side doors, the design of the windows in both areas makes it have maximum air circulation and will be very beneficial in small rooms.


Master bedroom design


Overall, this house has 2 bedrooms. For the first, there is a master bedroom, which has a wider size. This master bedroom can accommodate one queen size bed and one large wardrobe. For the furniture it has, there is still a comfortable space and there is still enough to place some small decorations around the bed.


Kids bedrom design

In addition to the main bedroom, there is also a children's room which has a smaller size with a small bed and wardrobe as bedroom facilities. To keep providing fresh air in a minimalist space, a large window design is an ideal component to present.

Bathroom design

Although it has a traditional house concept, the bathroom owned by this house has a modern design with a monochrome feel. Besides having plain black walls, this bathroom also uses a hexagonal pattern, which makes it feel more varied and not boring.

That's Native House Design Ideas with Interior on Budget. for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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