7 Bedroom Plants Help You Sleep Better

7 Bedroom Plants Help You Sleep Better

Homifine.com -- If you include people who have difficulty sleeping at night. Several ways can be overcome by using ornamental plants. Because plants can function as more air purifiers and provide a better quality of life, you can see a list of these plants in the following review:

Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is an ornamental plant that is best choose by collectors and beginners of ornamental plant lovers. This plant is good for bedding, will help release oxygen at night and make you sleep faster.



This flower that can improve the quality of sleep has many benefits for several things. As a bouquet, decoration and as a medicine, this plant has beautiful flowers with beautiful colors. Daisy flower symbolize purity, loyalty and patience, which is usually associated with humility.

Snake plant


Snake plant is one of  the ornamental plants that can be recommended for indoor air quality. A plant that is easy to care for and only needs to be watered a few times a week. Thrives from carbon dioxide at night and is converted into oxygen, this makes the owner will sleep better.



Valerian is the best plant to induce sleep. These white and pink flowers can help reduce insomnia  and other sleep-related problems.

English Ivy


Next is English Ivy, which is the best plant to improve air quality and is ideal for growing in a room with little light exposure. This plant has been researches and shown that it can improve symptoms of allergies or asthma and plats and important role in improving sleep quality.



Lavender is a favorite plant of many people who has a good aroma to stimulate sleep and increase freshness when you wake up in the morning. This plant can lower heart rate and blood pressure so that it makes you more relaxed. The effect of lavender in the bedroom will provide good quality sleep and reduce anxiety levels during sleep.

Peace lilies


Peace lilies besides having beautiful flowers are also ideal for being houseplants. With easy care, this plant can filter toxins in the surrounding air and increase indoor humidity by up to 5 %. In addition, this plant can improve sleep quality and can be kept away from children and pets because it is toxic.

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