7 Benefits of Planting Peace Lilies, Not Just Decorations!

7 Benefits of Planting Peace Lilies, Not Just Decorations!

Homifine.com -- Also known as peace lilies and are ornamental flowers that are great for decorating any room. But not only as a decoration, this plant can provide extraordinary benefits for health with a beautiful blend of flowers and leaves, If you don't realize the benefits. You can see the 7 Benefits of Planting Peace Lilies, Not Just Decorations, below:


Clean the air


As can be seen, if the lilies can reduce pollutants in the air and become an effective plant to absorb benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, so you can try putting them indoors.

Reduce mold spores in the air


Peace lilies can add more benefits to a room. One of them is fungal spores that are carried by the air and can develop in this humid place, which will cause allergies and irritation. That way these peace lilies can be placed in damp places such as bathrooms, kitchen and even bedrooms.

Reduce the development of mold in the bathroom


Besides being able to reduce spores in the  air, peace lilies can also reduce humidity in the air by absorption. This plant can grow in areas with high humidity. Such as the bathroom and the sink, so it is a humid place, and you can put it in the area not only as decoration.

Absorb acetone vapor


The air we breathe every day is not necessarily free from pollutants. Because the products used can release harmful vapors such as nail polish remover, alcohol, paints containing acetone and alcohol which can be harmful to health. With these peace lilies, these gases can be absorbed, and you can place them in a small pot in the corner of the room.

Helps improve sleep quality


In addition to cleaning the air, lilies can absorb pollutants and improve air quality so that they can control the room more comfortably. Like you put it in the bedroom, air quality can increase, beautiful leaves and flowers can give the mind and body a more relaxed.

Perfect room decoration


Lily plants are one of the most attractive and sought after plants by many people. These bright leaves and white flowers will make a perfect decoration effect for any room. And the best place is in the  corner of the room, a table to a plant rack.

Peace and good luck plant


Another benefits are to provide peace, hope, prosperity and serenity. Besides being suitable for ornamental plants at home, you can bring it into the office, which brings a calm effect and a more productive atmosphere while working. Besides that, it can also remove harmful radiation from TV and computers.

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