7 Best Indoor Dry Garden for Your Small Space

Homifine.com -- Dry gardens are indeed the choice of many people when they are lazy to take care of plants intensely. Dry gardens are usually more dominant with gravel made with beautiful landscaping. The selection of plants is usually arranged in pots that are easier to arrange or move. For some dry garden ideas that you can present in a small space in your home, see the following review of the 7 Best Indoor Dry Gardens for Your Small Space.



 Various color of rock

This first idea has a small size that is made in the house by utilizing the existing empty area. Although small, this dry garden has a beautiful arrangement on the pebble floor made with 2 color dimensions.

Natural stepping stone

This dry garden looks beautiful with an attractively made area using stepping stone made with natural wood shapes and models. This area is also made using a skylight roof to further maximize lighting for plants.

The right arrangement

Using pebbles made in a wavy pattern, this dry garden has a stunning look. Additional plants are placed in each area in a different pattern. Not to forget, this garden is also equipped with stepping stones for you to water the plants in it.

Beautiful small garden

This dry garden seems to be in a large aquarium surrounded by transparent glass. You can make this indoor garden a stunning view for anyone who sees it. With the size of this small garden, you can more easily take care of it.

Maximize under stair

You don't have to create a special area to present your indoor dry garden, you can maximize the empty area under the stairs. Use small stones as the base of some plant pots that you will arrange in it.

The right choosing plants

Plant selection is one of the things you need to pay attention to when you have a garden. In dry garden, it is usually superior when using plants that are minimal in maintenance and difficult to die. You can use cacti, succulents, palms, and several other plant options.

Additional small fish pond

This last dry garden idea doesn't just use pebbles and stepping stones, but also has a small pool that is naturally arranged to resemble a riverbank. You can let it dry, add water, or add plants to make it more fresh.

That's 7 Ways to Create a Secret Garden in Small Space.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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