7 Creative Potting Bench Ideas to Make Gardening More Fun

7 Creative Potting Bench Ideas to Make Gardening More Fun

Homifine.com -- The use of a pot bench can actually function more than a simple table for one side of a room such as terrace, garage or corner of the room. Many people use the highly productive potted bench to  serve as a neat workplace and even your garden equipment. This furniture you can reuse when your landscaping work is on the rise. Some ideas you can make yourself at home as in the following review:


Potted bench with sunflower


You can arrange creative ideas on the arrangement of this bench by placing garden tools such as watering buckets, used pots and several others. Choose with a little pleasant style added motif fabric on the table board.

Urban jungle concept indoors


You don't have to place a pot bench outside the room. Neatly and orderly, you can bring it into the room as a place to prepare for planting new plants with all garden tools as shovels, or plastic pots for seeding.

Plants are hard to kill with a shabby pot bench


If you like things that are neat and clean, this white potted stool can be one of your choices. Using hard-to-kill plants, you can arrange on each table shelf by combining some antiques and gardening tools.

Warm and domineering pot bench


Another option will look natural to be under into the house or arranged in the garden of the house. This wooden bench dominated the look with a variety of beautiful hanging ornamental plants.

Small but functional 


Instead of being a place for gardening tools, you can insert a potted bench with some ornamental plants or herbal plants that can be adjusted to your needs. With white pots lined up neatly, some scented plants are very fitting to be chosen.

Reused old pot bench


As a place to recycle used goods at home, you can use an old potted bench as a place for ornamental plants. Also prepare it with a watering bucket for easy plant care and no need to overload this with too many plants or garden tools.

Neat simple concept


With a neat arrangement, you can use this potting bench to prepare for gardening day with all the tools, make a hanging storage model for some garden tools such as shovels, sickles and small forks.

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