7 Hanging Plant from Instagram for Beginners Won't to Kill

7 Hanging Plant for Beginners Won't to Kill

Homifine.com -- It's no secret that hanging plants are very attractive and are an option for room decoration at home. You can plan several choices of hanging plants to be used as decoration that don't die easily and have easy maintenance. See 7 Hanging Plant from Instagram for Beginners Won't to Kill below:

String of banana


This is look so fat succulent. String of banana will give atmosphere in room will so good and calm. No longer be on the desert shelf as it is taking up too much space, so you will take back this plant with hanging model in indoor home.



This is the Tradescantia tricolor, also known as a wandering jew (Wandering because it spreads easily). It wants, bright light, but not direct sunlight. If you notice your plant reverting back to green (sometimes a result of inadequate light), trim off the particularly green stems. This allows the plant to put more energy into the pinker, more variegated growth.

Mona Lisa lipstik plant


If you're considering adding another hanging plant to your collection, Lipstick plants love bright, indirect light and a weekly watering, and they're known for their striking red-orange blooms.



Maranta is one of the best plant for hanging in your room anyway. Grow with the pot that hanging on your window sill or with stand pot. This plant will grow nicely if you take care of this plant from disease.

Philodendron Varieties


Here's a great idea for using our small floating shelves. The hanging plant covers the shelf itself and all you see is the beautiful plant.

Spider plant


Spider plant can be potted in a pot placed on the surface to or used as a hanging plant. You can care of moisture with add some water in a day. Before you're repotting this plant, make sure that this plant is so big ang grow lush.

Two of succulent


These hanging planters just arrived, and we're loving their round textured form and simple colors. The pot consists of two pieces. The inner container and the outer cover. The inner container has a drainage hole which allows water to drain freely, keeping your hanging plant extra happy. These planters are also are light weight, making them ideal for hanging, and their stainless steel wire hangers are adjustable.


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