7 Ideas for Creating A Garden on The Stairs

Homifine.com -- One way to overcome the limitations of land when you want to present a garden is to take advantage of the staircase area when you have a terraced house design. However, using the stairs' area as a garden cannot be done carelessly. Of course, the presence of a garden on the stairs should not interfere with the main function of the stairs as access between floors. For some ideas that you might like, check out the following review of 7 Ideas for Creating A Garden on The Stairs.



Garden cactus under the stair


This first garden design has an attractive appearance by placing it under the stairs. The selection of cactus plants has easy maintenance and does not require intense watering. This can be a fantastic dry garden idea in your home.

Neat arrangement


You can also arrange several pots containing plants on each step to give it a neat impression. Of course, place your plants on the edge of the stairs, so they don't interfere with your access to the stairs.

Open storage under stair


Not only placing some plants on the stairs, you can also place some of your plants in open storage under the stairs. Use pots of the same color, even though with different sizes. This is to ensure a neat appearance.

Vertical garden


This staircase garden idea looks attractive by adding plants to the staircase wall. This will provide a stunning view for anyone who sees it. One type of plant that you can place on this ladder, for example, is pothos which has beautiful protruding growth.

Natural wood stair


The wooden stairs owned by this house feel more natural vibes by adding some plants. Apart from being a beautiful decoration, this plant is also able to be a natural air purifier for the surrounding area. You can place plants in pots or in the planter that you have prepared.



The right arrangement of the spiral staircase


This spiral staircase has plants placed at certain angles to provide a fresh view from various sides. Place some small pots on the stairs with plants that are growing well.

Plant in the void of the house


Different from the previous staircase garden concept, this staircase garden chooses vines that resemble curtains that are placed on the railing and become the focal point in the void area of the house. You can apply this concept at home that has a split-level design.




That's 7 Ideas for Creating A Garden on The Stairs.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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