7 Incredible Balcony Garden Makeover Ideas

7 Incredible Balcony Garden Makeover Ideas

Homifine.com -- Maintaining a balcony to  look beautiful at all times is not a difficult thing. Especially when you want to use a small balcony with various decoration, of course it can be realized. There are many ways and methods that you can use to change the appearance of the balcony to a newer one that looks good in all conditions. Check out some ideas in the following 7 Incredible Balcony Garden Makeover Ideas:

Beautiful balcony boho theme


With the idea of a small balcony. You can redesign with a perfect boho-themed look like this. Fill it with a variety of relaxing furniture wrapped in pink cloth that dominates. You can complete a boho-themed cushion with a series of ornamental plants for refreshment.

Give explanation


It is not a common thing that lighting is one of the things that must be prioritized. Such as on the balcony of the corner of the house, which is quite domineering and seems romantic with hanging lighting on the wall. Chairs were placed opposite each other, and the candles along the far balcony made it look even more aesthetic.

Green balcony area


Nothing compares to a balcony with houseplants. Even this method is very easy for you to do as a small change that makes the balcony greener. Its beautiful appearance will provide positive benefits for its owner.

Make a vertical garden accent


The idea to change the balcony of the next house is with a vertical concept garden. Besides this is easy and cheap, you can take advantage of the balcony that has been made privacy with windows and cast tables. Make an arrangement of plants on the windowsill and prepare a sofa or sitting pillow.

Make hanging pots around the railing


Besides on the inside of the balcony, you can change the outside appearance of the balcony, especially on the railings. Use hanging pots that can be attached to the area in the balcony as shown. Choose several types of flowering ornamental plants that will make the balcony colors more attractive.

Add artificial grass


As a basic decoration for balcony renovation, you can choose artificial grass as an appropriate and inexpensive decoration. Place it on a wall area that will give it a visually appealing and tropical look. This method will make it easier for you to arrange the walls without making them damaged.

Add skylight windows


The last idea really works to provide good lighting and air filtration. Add a skylight window accent on the balcony to dispel dirty air outside the room. But you can compensate with vegetable plants or ornamental plants made by the balcony garden concept.

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