7 Of The Biggest Garden Design Mistakes You Might Be Making

 Homifine.com - Of course designing the garden can give pretty view and cozy area. But, designing the garden must have right planned and avoid from mistake. Then, you can look these 7 Of The Biggest Garden Design Mistakes You Might Be Making. Check it out!

Arranging Everything in a Single View


Having view blocked make you can't see everything in one go. And it creates an illusion of more space and interest. 

Then, if your garden is open and haven't divided it into different sections, you can make a plan to divide the space. You don't need to create solid divisions like wall or fence, just do with large trees, shrubs that can block a certain part.

Avoiding the Foliage


Most of us decorate the garden with flowers, fruits, or veggies. Then, you can begin to buy foliage plants that can increase your garden view and vibes. Just select the plants for their foliage-texture, color, and shape.

Not Following a Plan


By the way, most of the gardeners can end up with a hodgepodge of various plants that don't really go well together. Then, you can redesign the garden and follow it. It can avoid you from messy garden and gloomy accent.

Growing Wrong Plants in Wrong Positions


The one of most common gardening mistake is not growing the plants in the right position. It can cause the plants to die eventually. So, you can avoid this with growing the plants with the character of plants. 

Like the plants that require dry soil not be grown in moist soggy soil and plants that require full sun should be grown in a sunny positions.

Mismatched Garden Style


Coming to garden design mistakes, you must make attention for the architectural of the garden. You may not combine the style or concept that can make the garden look bad. Take the example with smooth lines and angular form of most modern and contemporary style, it would be overpowered by large, showy flowers.

Clashing Colors


Making colorful garden can increase the vibes and cozy spot for relax. But, when the colors begin to clash with other plants and nearby structures, it becomes overwhelming and washed out. 

For the example, if you love with bright colors, and yellow plants everywhere, remedy clashing colors with choose the flowers that stand out against their backdrop such as yellow, white, and orange flowers in front of dark and lighter color.

Forgetting the Furniture


Most of us forgetting with furniture for the garden design. Beautiful and cozy garden not only plants, you can combine it with put furniture that can increase your vibes. You can choose the furniture that can give an atmosphere at garden, it's like creating the harmony.

Thank you for reading 7 Of The Biggest Garden Design Mistakes You Might Be Making, I hope you can inspire and apply by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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