7 Trailing Peperomia an Easy Succulent You Must Have

7 Trailing Peperomia an Easy Succulent You Must Have

Homifine.com -- Peperomia is a favorite plant that has been a small plant that lives in fertile soil and is always placed on the windowsill, shelf or table area, even hanging down. Many make peperomia as an ornamental plant because of its small size and light weight, so it has very different colors. You can find several types in the trailing peperomia below:

Peperomia Perciliata


Peperomia hope is a small succulent species that grow from the tropics of Central and South America. This plant likes warm and humid weather and is very tolerant of low light. You can bring it in the room without light.

String of heart


Different from the green string of turtle. This string of heart is pink on the leaves and has a turtle pattern. This watermelon-like leaf is easy to care for, with the need for light and shade.

Peperomia Prostrata/ String of Turtles


This red-stemmed trailing plant with small. Round, fat and shiny leaves look supple. The original green color on the entire leaf surface is often called the exotic string of turtles, with spots like the back of a turtle.

Peperomia Scandes Variegata


An ornamental plant that is very easy to care for without special treatment is peperomia, is a hanging plant that is good for container gardens to this balcony area has a unique leaf shape with white on the edges.

Peperomia Cyclophylla


These heart-shaped and plump-looking leaves have a slightly lime green color when exposed to sunlight. Long stems are not overgrown with leaves like other types. So this peperomia looks a little lonely.

Peperomia Dahlstedtii


Beautiful with long stalks with long stripes on the leaf surface. This plant has a small growth pattern and in many varieties, Sturdy stems will lengthen slightly stiff and extend outward from the plant.

Peperomia Ruby Cascade

the tender_gardener

These small, rounded leaves grow quickly and have a red color on the underside of the leaves. This plant is very suitable as a hanging plant that easily adapts to light. This plant looks great for a dry home interior that needs moisture.

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