7 Spilled Flower Pot Ideas That Will Distract You

Homifine.com -- The garden becomes a beautiful view around the house. The expanse of grass and plants will create an atmosphere of freshness that makes the air clean and creates a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the air in the garden. To give maximum beauty, you can add some colorful flower pots. However, unlike most flowers in pots, you can design a spilled flower pot that looks unique and attractive. For some ideas that you can imitate, see the following article about 7 Spilled Flower Pot Ideas That Will Distract You.



 Beautiful Purple Petunia

This pretty garden idea has a beautiful purple color. The selection of petunias can be a stunning view and seems to spill from a pot. Not only that, you can also use some beautiful flowers around it with different colors.

Various color

If you like a colorful view, you can combine petunias with various colors so that your garden looks more stunning. You can also place it near a tree, as if the pot fell from the tree and spilled beautiful flowers.

Rock edge

Placing pretty flowers under a tree can also help to get some light in and keep the plant fresh. This beautiful flower that spills out of the pot is also given a stone edge, which makes it grow well and is not disturbed by wild plants around it.

Choice of succulent

If you want a garden with minimal maintenance, you can choose succulents as the main plant in this spilled pot. Its shape, that resembles a flower with various types of beautiful colors and shapes, will make it easier for you to choose the best one to place in the garden. You also don't need to worry because the outdoor area is hot, because succulents are desert plants that like sunlight.

Beautiful flowers in the arid garden

Around an arid garden with a little green grass, a spilled flower pot can be an easy idea to liven up the appearance of the garden. The use of clustered flowers will make it able to radiate beauty perfectly.

Use of used item

If you have used items that resemble pots, you can use them to complete garden landscaping to make it more beautiful without a large budget like this one idea. Not only that, the selection of marigold flowers that bloom throughout the year, can make the garden beautiful all the time.

Various color of zinnia

Besides petunias, you can also use zinnia flowers, which have many beautiful colors. This flower also has easy care and can be grown around the house without care. The placement of the spilled flower pot on top of this husk charcoal can make the plants fertile on it.

That's 7 Spilled Flower Pot Ideas That Will Distract You.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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