8 Beautiful and Functional Small Laundry Room Design Ideas that Will Transform your Space

Homifine.com -- Having a laundry room with a small size does require you to be more creative in designing them. But you don't need to worry. Because it turns out that, there are many ways to design a small size laundry room that is functional.

The arrangement and selection of furniture is the key to presenting a comfortable laundry room.

laundry room with an attractive appearance will increase your enthusiasm for washing clothes. Here are 8 beautiful and functional small laundry room design ideas that will transform  your space.

1. Laundry room and all-white kitchen


The idea of designing a laundry room and a kitchen to be in the same space can help you save the available space capacity. Moreover, this room has an all-white interior that makes the appearance of a narrow space feel relieved. The white color also shows the impression that the room looks neat and clean. 

2. Monochrome laundry room


The combination of black and white looks so attractive and stylish. You can design the interior of the laundry room with monochrome feel. That way, the appearance will look more modern. The single line cabinet is very suitable to be applied in narrow rooms.

3. Laundry room in the attic


Do you have any space left in the attic? Instead of being left unused, you can use it as a functional laundry room. Not only the decoration used, but the shades of green look beautiful and can refresh the laundry room. The green color also makes the interior look more natural.

4. Laundry room and rattan basket


Even though it has a limited room size, you can still design a laundry room to remain functional. To maximize storage in a narrow space, you can use a rattan basket. That way you can store various equipment and dirty clothes neatly.

5. Maximize wall area


The size of the laundry room is narrow, it is no longer a problem to keep the space neat and organized. You can take advantage of the wall area, such as adding shelves that you can use to store equipment. The design of laundry room is designed to be simple and there is not much decoration to avoid full discharge in the room.

6. Laundry room and natural lighting


Want the appearance of a narrow room to look spacious? You can design a small laundry room equipped with window facilities. The presence of window allows the room to look bright and get the maximum natural lighting. That way, the narrow room will feel relieved and cool.

7. Simple laundry room


 The next laundry room has a simple design. Not many decorations are used, so the appearance of the room looks more relieved. The laundry room is designed simply to blend with the sink. Even though it is narrow, this room is still functional and comfortable.

8. Laundry room in the bathroom


The idea of designing a laundry room in the corner of the bathroom may be considered to maximize the capacity of the room. Both activities can also run more effectively and efficiently. The arrangement of the laundry room with built in furniture also looks clean and tidy.

That's a review of 8 beautiful and functional small laundry room design ideas that will transform your space. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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