Simple Pergola Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard

Simple Pergola Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard -- Projecting new things for the backyard will be very interesting using some supporting elements such as a pergola. Maybe this method has been tried many times, but you can change a few things, such as the model, or by adding new element such as furniture. To make your backyard look brand new, check out these 7 Simple Pergola Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard:

Open ceiling


If you like the outdoors with an open model, you can try this pergola without a glass roof. With the idea of a favorite block arrangement, you can combine it with an iron, metal or steel structure. Adding moderate cosines to the pergola with some faux flowers and fire pit.

Pergola and deck floor


Don't let your backyard at home be neglected. With the pergola design that you dream of, combine it with a suitable floor deck as a small terrace behind the house. In addition, add benches, coffee tables, carpets to lighting lamps.

Wake up on the back porch


If you are confused about placing a pergola at home, combining it into one with a dwelling like this can be one solution. The membrane roof detail still seems to be an option, with the pillar structure and the roof model of light steel.

Pergola and kitchen ideas


The backyard is used as a cool outdoor kitchen for all activities. With the perfect combination, the modern pergola from steel to non-cast roof gives dominance of a solid structure. Without any obstruction, this pergola is designed to be more open so that during cooking activities the smoke is not trapped in one space.

Wooden roof pergola


Placed in the corner of the backyard, this pergola utilizes as well-finished wooden pillar and roof structure. To add an interesting detail, you can complete the pergola using a pillow bench, rattan chair to a bed as a place to relax.

Pergola with sheer curtains


To add decoration to the pergola behind the house, you can use light curtains that look like light gauze fabric and will look romantic at night. This pergola is suitable for a party and dinner with a partner

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