How to Care and Fix Peace Lily Problems

How to Care and Fix Peace Lily Problems -- As many people know, peace lily are very popular and easy to care for. This plant is rarely disturbed by disease and insect as long as the care and requirements can be met. Not infrequently, people will grow peace lily plants at home in every season without knowing the problem. For that, now you have to star learning about peace lily plant care so that it looks perfect. 


A common problem with lilies is wilting. The main cause of this can be started from excessive watering or allowed the soil to dry without water at all. To overcome this, you can avoid excessive watering and do watering with a face boundary.


Then you can solve another serious problem that really needs attention. Fix flowers that are too watery. To fix this, you have to know about overwatering the plants or not letting the soil dry out. Place in a bright area but without direct sunlight, provide moderate temperature and ventilation.


Then another problem is the leaves that turn yellow and turn brown prematurely. Understand the root cause of this. You may place it too long in an area with too much direct sunlight, which can burn the plant's leaves. Another thing is the lack of moisture and water, which can brown the leaves.
Work around this problem by placing it in a location that gets moderate to bright light and not direct sunlight.


Pests are also one of the reasons why plants can get fungus and their leaves turn white. Because the plant is exposed to spiders, aphids or mealybugs. Improve the lilies by giving a liquid disinfectant or liquid insect repellent.


A common complaint is that peace lilies are unable to flower. This happens because the received light conditions are too low. Because this plant is quite tolerant of low light, you can place it indoors. Provide moderate light to make peace lilies bloom quickly, and the spathe production process is faster than ever.

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