How to Use Banana Peel as Plant Fertilizer

How to Use Banana Peel as Plant Fertilizer -- For the most part, plants need a certain amount of fertilizer with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content. There are many ways to get nitrogen into your garden, one of which is to use a banana peel fertilizer, which is very easy to make. To use banana peels as fertilizer, let's review a little discussion about How to Use Banana Peel as Plant Fertilizer below:


To use banana peels as fertilizer which is rich in vitamins, minerals and potassium, you can cut the skin of the bison and put it in water.

Using parsley water is a good idea to increase flowering. Cut into about 1 inch pieces and place in a clean, water-filled jar. You can use this peeled water to water plants and act as plant compost.


Apart from just banana peel water, you can use banana peels as compost that can be used as summer approaches. You can put banana peels that have been cut into pieces and add them to the compost in the spring. The more banana peels mixed, the better the plant growth.


The next way that you can use to make plants fertile is by burying banana peels in plant pots. This method is very effective and easy for you to do. However, some experts warn that buried skin can attract squirrels due to the smell of underground products.


The final idea is to use a plant backboard to lay the banana peels on. Place the banana peel in certain positions that can degrade and release nutrients gradually.

Some benefits of banana peel for gardens and plants

Insect repellent


You can spray diluted banana peel water to repel some pests such as aphids. This method will trap fleas or insects.

Soil reinforcement in winter


Another benefit of banana peels is that they strengthen the soil in winter. You can bury the banana peel in the soil, which will return to get new nutrients and make the plant more fertile.

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