Lily of the Valley: A Small But Strong Plant for Your Pot or Garden -- Lily of the Valley is a plant with small white flowers that are charming. They are also one of the prettiest flowers. Although the name is lily, but in fact they are from the asparagus family. The name Lily of the valley is synonymous with a chastity.
If you are interested in growing lily of the valley, we have gathered information on Lily of the valley, a small but strong plant for your pot of garden below! Let's keep reading!

Is Lily of the valley poisonous?


Lily of the valley or known by the Botanical name Convallaria majalis has a beautiful flower. But, it turns out that they have poisons that will harm humans and pets if they consume excessively. Symptoms felt in the body include nausea to diarrhea.

Lily of the Valley Care


Actually, Lily of the valley is one of the flowers that can easily adapt to the surrounding environment. That is plant requires only a little attention. They will bloom in spring. In the summer, you can water them regularly. Below is a full explanation.

Soil And Watering


Lily of the valley will grow well on fertile organic soils. They can tolerate a neutral soil PH to slightly alkaline soils.
As for watering, Lily of the valley lives well in moist soil. And you can water the, when the soil starts to dry out. When it is summer, do not forget to water it regularly so that the flower grows healthily.

Adding fertilizer


Lily of the valley is a plant that requires very little care. Unless you have infertile soil. You can add fertilizer so that they can grow and bloom. You can use special fertilizer of lily of the valley.



This plant can not grow to the maximum in dry or hot climates. They will die and return to growth in the spring. They can live will, in average temperatures and humidity.
To propagate the Lily of the valley, you can sue the roots when spring has come.

That's a review of lily of the valley, a small but strong plant for your pot or garden. Hopefully. the information above is useful.

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