Small Landscape Ideas - 7 Beautiful Design for Tiny Gardens -- Having a beautiful landscape of course will give a different atmosphere to the atmosphere and appearance of the house. A beautiful landscape does not mean a large one, but how precisely you can arrange and design it into an area that has a beautiful appearance even in a small area. Not only a garden with grass, a beautiful landscape is usually combined with several other components. For some ideas that you can use, see the following review of Small Landscape Ideas - 7 Beautiful Designs for Tiny Gardens.


Plants on the pots


This first landscape design comes with a dry garden concept that uses several desert plants such as cacti and snake plants that look neat in white pots. In other areas, a stepping stone is also made which is used as access to the outdoor kitchen which is not far from the dry garden.



Perfect gazebo for relaxing time


If you want a charming garden view with a beautiful view and complete facilities, you can try this idea. A beautiful garden combined with a stepping stone, a zen garden area, and also an area of colorful flowers growing well. The existence of this stepping stone leads to a small gazebo that is devoted as a place to relax.


Skylight roof


You don't have to bring a garden outside the house. Presenting an indoor garden can be an attractive option for you. In this design, the beautiful garden is equipped with a living wall and there is also a fishpond that has a distinctive gurgling sound. To provide maximum light intake, skylight roof designs are the best choice for indoor gardens.



Cliff wall pattern


The garden in front of this house looks stunning, even though it is in a small area. The presence of fresh grass is combined with a wall designed to resemble an abstract cliff edge. Some plants are also added to the walls of this garden to make it look like it has real freshness.



Cafe style


Not only as a fresh garden with green grass, this time the design uses a modern minimalist style that is widely applied to caf├ęs. Apart from being a garden, you can also use it as a comfortable relaxing place to enjoy a relaxing time and sip a cup of coffee.

Simple design


With its small area, this small garden comes with a simple and neat appearance. The use of cactus plants with thick stems makes them excellent in this small garden. You can design this small garden in the house or in the remaining space beside the house.


Additional paint on the wall


This last garden design makes the area not too excessive. There is artificial grass that is a substitute for plants and is also combined with white rocks that seem to blend in with the surrounding area. Some wall areas are also added with plant paintings that give a varied impression to the garden.




That's Small Landscape Ideas - 7 Beautiful Design for Tiny Gardens.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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