The 7 Best Dark Leaf Plants for All Gardeners

The 7 Best Dark Leaf Plants for All Gardeners -- As many people think, black plants are not really black. Some of these plants have a mix of dark purple, green to burgundy colors. Plants with black leaves occurs due to pigments in plant cells called anthocyanins. Let's show you what black leaf plants you can have for any room at home.

Dark Anthurium


Black  Anthuirum may already be familiar to hear. This plant, which is also known as elephant ear, is in great demand because it is beautiful and very attractive, giving a dramatic effect to the room. Heart-shaped leaves that hang down with a slightly waxy coating will sparkle when lights hit this plant.

ZZ Plant Black Raven


Next is a ZZ plant that is ready to be a room charmer with a shiny wax coating. Plants that you can water at any time will endure long growth. This plant is relatively easy to grow with low maintenance. In addition to beautifying the room, this plant can purify the air, remove toxins around the house such as benzene, xylene and others.

Colocasia Black Magic


Although often known as the elephant ear plant, this highly sought after plant by collectors comes from South Asia, East Australia and the South Pacific. This plant, that grows from bulbs and loves bright light, does not like excessive watering.


Ipome Spotlight Black


This plant with heart-shaped leaves is also known as sweet potato. Plants that are great for landscaping areas in the home love heat and humidity. This plant will bloom in spring, late spring, until late summer.

Leea Amabilis


This small tree-like plant has an attractive black stem and leaves. Compound and odd-finned plants grow elongated, with pointed leaves, This adaptable plant grows hard and is suitable for placing in gardens with different color contrasts.

Calathea Rosepicta 'Dottie'


This type of calathea with black leaves thrives easily with high humidity levels and indirect lighting. This plant is loved by many people and is the perfect choice to be an ornamental plant that likes humidity every day.

Haworthia Rienwardtii


This type of succulent has a black color with clumpy growth, large leaves on the bottom. This plant likes the sun with partial shade, grows with average humidity and includes plants that cannot tolerate cold.

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