Turn Plastic Bottles Into Plant Container


Turn Plastic Bottles Into Plant Container

Homifine.com -- If you have a lot of unused plastic bottles at home, using them as a useful place in the garden area is now much easier for you to do. And this method can also provide a little mercy to nature in an effort to reduce plastic that is difficult to decompose. Some ideas you can make as a place for plants, a place for water to others. But this idea will be easy for you to try at home, see Turn Plastic Bottles Into Plant Container below:

Hanging plastic bottle


This first idea came from those of you who were creative in using plastic bottles at home. Easy processing you can cut the bottle almost in half, more parts as seen. Choose the type of plant that is easy to care for to be used as a place for planting seeds.

Wall garden bottle 


You can even plant any plant using this plastic bottle. With the concept of a vertical garden, you can cut one side of the bottle, which is then filled with trailing ornamental plants hanging down.

Create sustainable idea


With a sustainable idea, you can use a plastic bottle that is arranged from top to bottom into several parts. Bottle pain before planting with ornamental plants, striking colors seem to be more attractive and can be an option.

Plastic bottles on a regular wall


The next step is still with the vertical concept, making the plant bottle stick to the page wall as seen. You can arrange neatly from top to bottom. Choose a variety of herbals, vegetables or ornamental plants to unite the surrounding environment.

Keep it simple


Then you can use a simple idea to make a plastic bottle as a plant holder. Not just ornamental plants, these herbal plants are an easy category for you to try. By cutting off the top of the bottle, you can use almost the entire bottle to fill with soil.

Simple way and hang


Without making you confused, neat and clear details on the use of this plastic bottle you can apply. You can choose this type of spider plant because of its unique shape, with beautiful leaf colors.

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