7 Best Balcony Plants to Thrives Your Space

7 Best Balcony Plants to Thrives Your Space

Homifine.com -- Part of the outdoors in the apartment that is often used as a place to relax and as a place for plants is the balcony. You definitely want a beautiful balcony to give a beautiful atmosphere and peaceful serenity to a small balcony. The idea of beautifying the balcony is very much tried. One of them with plants that will bring calm enjoyment and wide open light.

Birds of paradise


This banana tree plant or commonly called a paradise plant looks beautiful with a tropical atmosphere.

This tropical plant with green leaves, natives to South Africa, is easy to care for, so it is very suitable to be used as a home balcony plant. Likes watering with a time of 1 - 2 weeks only and bright lighting.



The next ornamental plant that is very interesting to bring to the balcony of the house is succulents. Easy care is great, so balcony plants grow in containers. Succulents do not like watering too wet because it will rot the roots. Can be up to 6 inches tall, and you can take it indoor in winter.



Next up there's the hydrangea, for which there's no reason to make it an amazing shrub on the balcony. You can choose a dwarf variety and place it in a large pot. Some of these plants can tolerate direct sunlight and require shade when outdoors.



This beautiful flower that can bloom throughout the season is often a hedge or balcony plant at home. Besides being beautiful with colorful flowers, this plant chooses very easy care and is drought tolerant. Even when you plant it in the ground, it doesn't even need to be watered too often. With this beauty, bougainvillea has the benefits of being able to absorb high level of air pollution.



The next plant that is very appropriated for the bottom to the balcony area is dracaena. An outdoor plant that can be said to be a tree plant that grows tall and is very tough to receive direct sunlight. With stems that look stunted and large, appear to store a lot of water. The leaves also adjust to the conditions with a thick, silvery green shape and a pointed tip.



Very popular from year to year, geraniums are almost widely chosen as indoor or outdoor plants grown in containers. This drought tolerant plant has many beautiful colors such as pink, orange, purple and red. Care depends on the variety you have, but whatever the type, you can be sure if this plant will bloom throughout the season.

Snake plant


The last is the snake plant, which has the nickname of a hard-to-die plant and is very drought tolerant. Not only beautiful as an indoor plant, the balcony is also the perfect place for snake plants to grow and be charming. This distinctive leaf and shape will stand out in full light during the day.

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