7 Small Balcony Garden Ideas - Styling and Decorating Trick

Homifine.com -- Balconies are often used as a fresh garden to accommodate some ornamental plants and vegetables. You have to use a few tricks to maximize the decorations and also the arrangement of the plants to make it more neat and comfortable on the small balcony you have. For some ideas that you can imitate, see the following article about 7 Small Balcony Garden Ideas - Styling and Decorating Trick.


 Beautiful potted plant


This small balcony garden looks attractive with the use of beautiful plant pots in various shapes and colors. The use of shelves in this balcony garden also makes the appearance of beautiful pots shine even more well.

Use curtain


If you want a shady look, use a little cloth that can shade the balcony roof well so that it makes this relaxing area more comfortable. The number of plants on this balcony is neatly arranged on a wall shelf and also placed on the balcony railing.

Vertical garden with shelf


Although it is narrow, you can use the balcony as a garden and also have a relaxing spot. Of course, choose furniture that is not too large and place your plants on vertical shelves to save more space.

Beautiful flowers on the railing balcony


This small balcony has beautiful flowers placed on the railing to make the surrounding area a comfortable space to relax. The placement of various flowers on the balcony railing is also a stunning exterior decoration idea.

Plant shelf on the wall


Placing plants on the balcony wall is one of the tricks you can try to maximize a small balcony area. You can let some vines grow on the balcony railing to make it look fresher and more beautiful.

Use green carpet


The use of a green carpet on this balcony can maximize the appearance of a fresh balcony garden. Placement of plants on railings is also maximized by using a planter that can load pots with standard designs without having to use special pots.

Horizontal shelf


This last balcony idea arranges the plants neatly. Additional shelves made horizontally are also used as a beautiful balcony railing. Several other plants are also placed in the corner of the balcony and also hung on the balcony roof.

That's 7 Small Balcony Garden Ideas - Styling and Decorating Trick.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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