7 Best Types of Syngonium | Arrowhead Veins

7 Best Types of Syngonium | Arrowhead Veins

Homifine.com -- Syngonium is an ornamental plant that penetrates arrows, which is highly valued and a favorite of many people. This arrow-like leaf shape will change color with age. This plant has many varieties that you should choose to serve as ornamental plants in the house. See 7 list of the best types in the following review:

Syngonium Redspot Tricolor Europe


This beautiful type of syngonium is pink in prominent white spots. And looks very contrast with the color of the leaf arrow shape. Plants that enter the areceace family are very suitable for terrariums and have relatively easy care. This plant grows compact and likes temperatures 18 - 30 C.

Syngonium Aurea


Syngonium aurea is a plant with easy care and likes high humidity. Plants that can produce new flowers, you can try the ideal humidity and not too alkaline. Likes bright place and appreciates direct for some time. Since syngonium is toxic, you can keep it away from children and pets.

Syngonium Frosted Heart


Syngonium macrophyllum frosted heart is a popular species with heart-shaped leaves and frosted-looking colors. These plants will propagate as they grow, so hanging baskets are a great place to add extra support.

Syngonium Merry Maria


The next is syngonium merry maria, which has arrow-shaped leaves with a glossy dark green color. This type of syngonium is a vine with relatively easy care. Can tolerate low light but indirect, humidity maintained by watering 1 -2 times a week.

Syngonium Strawberry Ghost


This arrow-shaped leaf that is almost shaped like an arrow has a unique and dramatic leaf color. With a transparent yellow color, this syngonium has a surface with a red color blend like blood to the stem. Which is also known as ghost strawberry syngonium.

Syngonium Strawberry Ice


The next type is the very attractive strawberry is syngonium with a beautiful charm. This syngonium leaf has a dark green color with pink hues like a strawberry. This plant has benefits for the room such as being able to remove pollutants from the air such as benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene. Besides that, it can also reduce microbes in the air and increase humidity.

Syngonium Emerald Green


The last is syngonium emerald green type which has leaf shape like arrows, large size dark green leaves with short stalks. This plant has silvery-white patches on its leaves which are attractive to have. This type is often owned by many people for room decoration.

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