7 Nicest Backyard Garden Ideas | Backyard Garden Design

Homifine.com -- Still have vacant land in your backyard? You can turn it into the best backyard garden. You can make simple to complex investments to get it. It's as simple as putting the perfect plant in the backyard, as complex as creating a pergola feature in the garden. With a nice arrangement, you'll get your dream backyard garden. 

Here, we've prepared great backyard garden ideas for your inspiration. Here are 7 Nicest Backyard Garden Ideas | Backyard Garden Design.

Just a simple lawn and pathway

A good backyard garden doesn't always have a complicated design. You can even start by having a well-maintained lawn. Add a white pathway or stepping stone there, for walking access. Plant some plants to freshen up the garden atmosphere. Then, you can put a pair of outdoor chairs for sunbathing in the backyard garden.

Super charming backyard design


Do not be discouraged if you only have a small and narrow backyard. You can design it to be super charming outdoor. With a lawn area and wooden floors that create space. There, you can place some container garden that fills with flowers. As an alternative, you can grow dracaena plants that do well with lots of sun.

Simple but well-organized backyard


You don't need a big and expensive investment to create the nicest backyard garden. Do it with love and creativity to get your dream garden. The backyard looks well organized from the arrangement of gravel beds, flower beds and some other low plants. The Jabutica tree in the middle as a shade for this area. A sleek bench allows you to sit back and enjoy the garden atmosphere.

Liven up the garden with plants


Gardens and plants are inseparable. You can fill the garden with all kinds of your favorite plants. Arrange it with unique and different arrangement, for example, as  low shrubs, flowers bed, edging plants, or even fill the vertical space with a wooden pallet to place plants vertically.

Backyard with full features


You can get a full-featured backyard. Dare to invest in great features in the backyard. Fill the corner space with a beautiful pergola with seating underneath. Right, beside it, you will find a small fishpond to double up the fresh atmosphere. Not only that, the garden is even more perfect with a lawn and a path around the backyard garden.

A special corner for caring for plants


The backyard garden can be your place to take care of plants. Those of you who enjoy gardening deserve a special corner to do plant care. You can make a corner with a shade, where you put a variety of gardening tools. The design is with exposed red brick for a unique rustic impression.

A pergola by the pool


This beautiful and fresh backyard garden will help you get a better quality of life. When bored, you can relax on a shady pergola. This pergola is shaded by plants that will provide maximum freshness. The clear water pool beside it will also give you peace of mind when you want to relax there.

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