7 Outdoor Living Trends Ideas

Homifine.com -- Having an indoor space of course will provide comfort because it can provide a shady atmosphere, but relaxing in the outdoor area is also the main attraction because it provides fresh air and a bright and not boring atmosphere. For some outdoor living ideas that you can emulate in your yard, check out the following article about 7 Outdoor Living Trends Ideas.



Beautiful and stylish


This first idea features a comfortable and stylish relaxing area. This wooden deck area is equipped with a sofa and several chairs which are facilities when relaxing in the outdoor area. In the nearby area, there is a pergola that is used as an outdoor dining table area that can be used for more fun gathering with family.

Small pergola


The pergola is one of the mainstays when you want to create a relaxing space in the outdoor area. Like this one idea, you can use a wooden deck to give it more elevation. Then add fabric as the roof of the pergola to keep the area shady and comfortable.

Tiny house for relaxing spot


In addition to having a small house as a more shady relaxing place, you can also add an outdoor area with a carpet equipped with chairs and tables, so you can feel the fresh air and sunny weather. Add plants that become refreshing decorations around it.

Additional firepit


You can create an outdoor living in an empty backyard area. To keep a clean look, use paving to cover the ground in this backyard. Then you can add sofas and tables that can be arranged in an L-shaped layout. Don't forget to add a fireplace around it, so you can stay comfortable while relaxing at night.

Outdoor living in rooftop


If you don't have a yard to create an outdoor living, you can use your rooftop area as an attractive option. Having a relaxing area on the rooftop is no less fun because you can more freely enjoy the view from a higher area. Don't forget to prepare some of your relaxing complementary furniture.

Natural concept


This one idea also makes a pergola to complement the outdoor living. The use of natural colors makes it seem like it blends with the surrounding garden. This pergola is also equipped with a skylight roof that makes it look open but still feels more shady.

Minimalist look


This last outdoor living idea has a minimalist concept by only having a few chairs and tables that are neatly arranged. The use of furniture is also made with natural colors and blends with the surrounding area.

That's 7 Outdoor Living Trends Ideas.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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