7 Reasons Why Peace Lilies Fail To Bloom

 Homifine.com - Peace Lily (spathiphyllum spp.) is an undemanding and popular houseplants that commonly found. Most common why Peace Lily not blooming is insufficient lighting. But, many other causes for Peace Lily why not blooming. And Homifine.com gathered these 7 Reasons Why Peace Lilies Fail To Bloom that can make you have attention.

Age of the Plants


Peace Lily can live for years, but if the plants nearly a decade, it's entirely possible just too old to send up flowers. To be known, young plants are also unable to reproduce, if the plant is young and less than 2 to 3 years old, it's probably just too young to flower. It needs to be about 2 years old to flower reliably.

Lack of Nutrients


Like all plants, if Peace lily aren't heavy feeders, they need adequate nutrients. But, if you haven't fed or repotted in several years, it's entirely possible that a lack of food is causing lack of blossoms.



Having the Peace Lily in direct sunlight isn't good, but bright, filtered, or indirect light is great. A Peace Lily that isn't receiving the light that it needs won't flower. And this is the most common cause of a lack of blossoms in a mature plant.



Peace Lily that regularly exposed to temperature under 65 F degrees, it likely won't flower. Make the Peace Lily unless the temperature are closer to 85 F degree during the day, the chances of blossoms forming is further reduced. And you can avoid spots near doorways or single-paned windows during the winter.

Time of Year


Peace Lily popular because they can bloom any time of year. But, they are technically seasonal bloomers, so while you might see blossoms year-round, you shouldn't expect. Their natural flowering season is between February and September. If the plant not blossoming between October and January, just wait until spring arrives.



Peace Lily needs to be fed regularly with a well-balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. And when the plants not provided with enough fertilization, it doesn't have enough nutrients to produce flowers.



Not repotting Peace Lily for several years can make lack of nutrients. You can see the roots have started to grow out of the drainage holes to repot the plants. And the cramped root will limit the number of nutrients and cause Peace Lily to stop blooming. 

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