Create a Plant for Every Space at Home

Create a Plant for Every Space at Home -- Enjoy a free atmosphere with oranemtal plants that will bring the room to be more colorful with a distinctive and calming aroma. Whatever the room, making the house fresher with ornamental plants will add to the collection and also heal the mind from situations that are often anxious.  Freshen up the room at home with textures, plant colors to interesting planters you can try very creatively.

Home bathroom with plant arrangement

Can not be separeated from unpleasant odors if there is a lack of cleanliness, the bathroom is always the most comfrotable place for relaxition in the bathtub. Therefore presenting plants you can choose and place in several areas such as outboard shelves, windows sills to around the bathtub.

Above the cupboard

Even a remote and rarely  visited space will always give a big effort for decoration. With spider plants, you can use a medium size planter which will give the plant faster and fuller growth.

Home patio with boston fern

The next area that you can use a spot for ornamental plants around the house is the patio. Place ornamental plants with a standing rack to give a high effect on ornamental plants at home. Perfect for the boston fern, which has green leaves and dangles as it grows thickly.

Aesthetic corner of the dining room

With just one ornamental plant, guaranteed the room will look attractive. The placement of the monster in the corner of this room will give a shadow effect from the plants becausse the sunlight enters the maximum.

Room interior with a compact planter

Anywhere you can place ornamental plants at will. For example in a family room with a planter ladder that will show taller and larger plants. Choose ornamental plants that are suitable for the interior of the room such as ficus, monstera, snake plant and pothos.

Neat arrangement with cabinet

Taking over the room to be a place for ornamental plants will be perfect with a planter and plant cabinet as seen. The elegant black color is very dramatic with the types of green leafy ornamental plants.

Built-in wall storage

This idea is very careful as a perfect room decoration even though the space is small. You can use it as a place to decorate ornamental plants with other accents, even if you need lighting, you can display it to bring a home and creative feel.

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Author  : Lynda
Editor   : Munawaroh
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