Discover 7 Plants That Smell Best At Night - Enjoy night ambience can be completed with beautiful garden. Then, you can grow flowers that have good fragrant at night. Look for these, Discover 7 Plants That Smell Best At Night that can make inspired you.



Petunia are perfect flowers that have pretty scented at night. You can grow this flower in container or hanging baskets for efficient.

Night Phlox (Zaluzianskya capensis 'Midnight Candy')


Midnight Candy or Night Phlox is a low growing perennial plant. This flower native to South Africa that has prized for its numerous white blossoms which open at night. And this flower release good fragrance reminiscent of cake ingredients like honey, almonds, and vanilla.

Full Moon Flower


Moon flower is a species of night blooming morning glory. And this flower native to tropical and subtropical parts of Norths and South America. Romantic flower can be grown in the garden, and it has large, trumpet-shaped blooms unfurl from the late afternoon onwards. And this flower remains open until the sun rises.



Also known with tobacco flowers, Nicotiana has star-shaped. This flower shine at night and when exquisite begin their perfumed performance. The flowers add a splash of color to a flower bed or pots, and comes in pinks, purples, deep reds, whites, and even pale green.

Choisya ternata


Choisya ternata or Mexican Orange blossom has fabulously fragrance. Choisya ternata is a rounded, medium-sized bushy evergreen shrub, with dark, glossy green leaves divided into 3 broad leaflets. The flowers pure white, scented, often appearing fitfully into winter.

Polianthes tuberosa


Originating in Mexico, Polianthes tuberosa is a distant relative of the hyacinth. Tuberose especially prized for white floral and sweet nighttime scent. With many white 'bells' of the flower spreading an exquisite aroma that is compared to jasmine and honey with a deeper undertone. This flower open in the day, and it grows more potent after sundown.

Kahili Ginger (Hedychium Gardnerianum)


Kahili ginger is a dramatic tropical plant that native to moist tropical forests of the Eastern Himalayas in northern India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Kahili ginger is an erect rhizomatous perennial with gray green lance-shaped leaves and cylindrical racemes of fragrant. It has a lemon yellow flower with prominent red stamens in late summer and early autumn.

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