7 Stunning Black Kitchen Ideas for Dramatic Space

Homifine.com -- Color selection in the interior must be an important concern and consideration because it will provide several advantages of each color. Choosing the right color will give a stunning appearance and make the room look more stylish. Black is one of the colors that can bring a room to have a dramatic and mysterious sensation. You can try it in a kitchen with an elegant black color. For some ideas, check out the following article.

Black and white kitchen


This kitchen looks clean with a blend of white and solid black. The kitchen model with a U-shaped arrangement is also used as a dining table, which is equipped with some simple black chairs but fits perfectly with this kitchen style.

Simple black kitchen


If previously it had white on the surface of the table, this kitchen has black on the entire kitchen set. Minimalist design and not much detail makes it look clean and tidy. Its placement near the window also makes it look more stand out.

Wooden dining table


So as not to be monotonous, this black kitchen combines its area with a dining area which has light wood material with a minimalist design so that it does not take on the overall role and can still display a beautiful and elegant black kitchen.


Glossy kitchen table


Material selection in the kitchen can also be a consideration for the treatment. The use of glossy material on this kitchen table will make it easier to clean from cooking stains. Marble style also makes it look more expensive and beautiful.

Touch of gold


This simple kitchen with a small size still looks beautiful using a solid black color that has a matte material that makes it look more masculine. The touch of gold on the water faucet makes a color combination that can make the kitchen more alive. Not only that, placing colorful flowers on the kitchen table can also help give another side of this mysterious black kitchen.

Warm look


Not only white and gold, you can also combine black in the kitchen set with a natural wood brown color. A darker brown color will be very suitable to be used to combine black. Additional hidden LEDs on the kitchen wall will be an element that beautifies the room.

Hanging plants


This minimalist kitchen uses black combined with a light brown color with a distinctive wood pattern. Additional houseplants that are placed hanging above the kitchen table will make the natural impression more complete and can make the room have fresher air.

That's 7 Stunning Black Kitchen Ideas for Dramatic Space.  for every home that you can make as the best reference. From some designs above, which one is your favorite?

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